Don’t Have a Debate Club – What are you doing?

The power of debate is a settled matter. Indeed, study after study has shown that debating develops students’ key 21st entury skills such as critical and creative thinking, communication, leadership, collaboration, strategic teamwork, problem-solving and quick-thinking. All of these are skills your students will need to face the changing world of work.

As the world advances technologically, businesses automate and move online, apps replace traditional services and communication becomes increasingly digital, teaching human-human communication skills are being somewhat left behind. Many are forgetting that business deals will still be done by a handshake in person; teamwork will still require effective communication and emotional intelligence; problem solving will still require critical analysis; innovation will still require creative thinking.

Debating requires skills which are easily transferable into academic, social and professional settings, developing students that are independent and thoughtful learners who relate well with each other, and engage in curriculum subjects and the world around them in a meaningful way. It makes people good communicators, which enables them in being effective at influencing others, representing themselves and making an impact.

Successful speakers from across the spectrum and throughout history have accrued crucial skills from debating. Martin Luther King was a debater at Boston University,Boris Johnson and David Cameron were prominent Oxford Union members. Barack Obama attributes his success to his ability to debate and many senior members of the judiciary and the media got their start on the competitive debating scene.

A debating club is the fastest and easiest way to introduce your students to all of these benefits! With a regular club of just one hour per week, you could open students up to outstanding opportunities, giving them the tools to deepen their understanding and engagement with the world around them and expanding their horizons.